Eagerlearners "Frills spreadsheet"


Welcome to EagerLearner's Frills spreadsheet page! The Frills spreadsheet is designed to be used to monitor your spending once you have completed Martin's excellent budget planner on Money Saving Expert. This is like Part II if you will...


This spreadsheet can be customised and no locks have been put on it - enjoy and let me know your thoughts & whether it helps! You can contact me by sending me a private message through my MSE profile EagerLearner, or by posting in one of the free spreadsheet threads in the MSE forums. I have saved alot since working with it and after several months of use and wanting to make sure it helped me, here it is for your enjoyment.


Simply click on your preferred download format and then open the file.




Instructions for download


Right click here and choose "save target as" to download the .xls file (134Kb).


Instructions for use and other info


This spreadsheet concentrates on:


Money Pot Saving - see it all at a glance with a chart - allowing you to save all your money in one high interest account, and withdraw money for one aspect (say Christmas) without affecting your other 'pots'. Plus, earn great interest on the whole lot! Alternatively, you could do what one MSER did and use it to keep track of debts & see the 'tower' getting smaller each month!


Frills Spending - Yes - this budget section allows you to track each months 'frill' spending - not bills, but things like clothing, beauty, mobiles, cd's & dvd's etc - all the things we'd all like to 'cut down on'... A useful chart will then track your frills spending throughout the year, showing your best and worst 'peaks' so you can work out when your hot spots are.


Savings tracking - This part deals with the savings you are able to make each month - I use it for Quidco, Pigsback, occasional discounts etc.


All sections are pre-filled in with example figures so that the charts will work on your initial viewing. If you do clear the figures the charts will dissapear until you start filling in the numbers again, giving the charts something to 'work with'.


If you prefer to see a 'normal' savings pot tower (rather than 3D), right-click, select 'chart type' and select the top middle style.


The DebtBuster - this tab concentrates on reducing your debt - you enter the debt(s) you currently have and how much you are paying off each month. It doesn't account for interest accrued (as this can vary so much from person to person and debt to debt), but at least it shows you what you are paying off the main debt and hopefully motivates you to make as many debt payments as possible. With any luck, it will bring your Debt Free Date closer if you have set yourself one. If you haven't - MSE is definately the place to start and you will get alot of support.


This spreadsheet has been checked by the author using various software and as far as can reasonably be tested contains no malware (spyware, viruses).


This spreadsheet works in Excel (PC) and also on Macs. If you don't have Excel(part of Microsoft Office)on your Windows PC, or any program to open this type of file on your Mac. You can download and use Open Office. This is a completely free, and fully featured office suite that comes in versions for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.


This spreadsheet has been approved by MSE and is also featured in the Debt Free Wannabe , Budgeting & Current Accounts , and Freebies boards for easy access.