Little Book of Debt Control Budget Spreadsheet


A great spreadsheet made by D. Hellier. Includes a simple budget on one tab and 7 tabs of spending diaries, also includes a fantastic ‘Tips’ tab.


The Author also sells a handy paperback version of his spreadsheet please check out the link below if interested.

Book Description

The Little Book of Debt Control is a small A6 book with 48 pages laid out to allow you to write down what you spend, after you have created a budget. It also contains some debt busting tips. Great for using with joint accounts, mortgage current accounts, student accounts, credit cards etc. Link


 You can also purchase the 'Little Book of Debt Control Budget' on eBay

eBay Link



Instructions for download

Right click here and choose "save target as" to download the .xls file (1.14MB).



This spreadsheet works in Excel (PC) and also on Macs. If you don't have Excel (part of Microsoft Office) on your Windows PC, or any program to open this type of file on your Mac. You can download and use Open Office. This is a completely free and fully featured office suite that comes in versions for Windows, Mac and Linux computers.